Liferaft used for professional fishing vessels (less than 12 meters) in coastal navigations (France & DOT TOM).

Homologation RINA / M.M.F (Marine Marchande Française) Conforme aux DIVISIONS 227, 310 et 333 des affaires maritimes françaises.

Catégorie de navigation: 3e et 4e catégorie

Capacité maximum: 6 personnes
Déploiement automatique de la tente grâce à un arceau gonflable.
Tente jaune fluo (visibilité longue portée et effet luciole)
Plancher isolant.
Radeau plié et mis sous vide dans une poche étanche.
Conditionnement : Container Ultra compact.

Quick and easy boarding

HERO OFFSHORE boarding system:

Extra wide step for feet or knees, fluorescent, non-slip. The step is equipped with ballast
allowing it to be always immersed.
Boarding platform with wide opening angle and side reinforcements.
Large and heavy-duty exterior handle for easy access on board
Inner strap ladder (fluorescent yellow colour)
Wide opening (simplified boarding and rescue)

All inclusive service

Increase safety and reduce costs
HERO offers all-inclusive service plans that cover service and spare parts for your liferaft at
reduced fixed annual rate.
Liferaft service: Every year

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