H.E.R.O LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT is part of an European group, active in the shipping business for over 40 years and a worldwide respected production factory of inflatable liferafts.
The group has branch offices in Belgium, France, Spain and Shanghai. Our company is specialized in the design, certification and manufacturing of equipment for the marine industry.

Headquarter and Team

The headquarter is based in Barcelona, where general services of strategy, design, engineering, approval and quality control are located.

HERO liferaft Headquarter and team. HERO Barcelona design office. Approval office and quality management office.
3D DESIGN-fiberglass-container-liferaft container-

Permanent innovation

Innovating and improving is our main goal. We are permanently exploring and researching for new products and concepts in order to improve safety at sea. Nothing is left to chance, the observation of user needs, the knowledge of processes, materials, higher safety standards and ergonomics are always in our minds. All our products are designed, developed and manufactured in a perspective of quality, durability, performance, comfort, look and usefulness. Everyday, new products are studied to meet the constant demands of the many markets in which we are present.

HERO Liferafts

In 2019, we decide to launch our own range of liferafts under the brand name ”HERO”. Liferafts are designed, developed and engineered in UE, according to European knowledge and technical expertise.All materials used, are studied and chosen because of their capacities offer the best protection possible under severe weather conditions, while creating the highest comfort inside the liferaft. Each model is designed according to well defined specifications and technically meeting the most stringent requirements. Our liferafts are M.M.F (Marine Marchande Française) approved by RINA classification office and Spanish approved (D.G.M.M).


Quality control management

Our production plant is ISO 9001 certified, and thus ensuring permanent quality control over production and materials used. An internal quality control process, consisting of more than 100 checkpoints, was developed to maintain the highest possible standards. From our suppliers, we demand permanent verification over their own supply chain in order to coop with the compliance of our requirements and guidelines. RINA, third party certification services, is mandated to certify and permanently control the entire production chain.

Protect the oceans

We, within H E R O LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT, believe that preserving our oceans is crucial for our future and that of our children. We are working hard to improve safety at sea with respect to our environment. We support organizations, associations, NGO and private initiatives on their programs to protect our oceans.