The best way for safe extended offshore cruising.

Hero’s France liferafts are required for French flag vessel (less than 24 meters) in all navigations over 60 miles from a shelter.
It’s approved by the French authorities and respond specifically to Marine Marchande Française regulation Division 240, Division 333 and international ISO9650-1/3 standard.
This model was designed to be the safest, lightest and most compact on the market.
It offers stability and resistance in extreme open sea conditions.
It is designed to protect the passengers in conditions of open sea navigation and long cruising (where strong winds and significant waves can be met).
Hero’s Offshore offer safety and isolated protection in front of extreme conditions. A large entry / opening and a self-deploying canopy allow easy access on-board and a direct rescue from inside the raft.
A grab bag including safety equipment is added to upgrade to more than 24 hours rescue pack.

Ultra compact.

High level of quality.

Easy to store.

Long-range visibility.

Key features

Fast deploying
Automatic extension canopy 
Knee boarding ladder
XXL boarding ramp
High resistant boarding handle
Large entrance
Internal webbing ladder 
High indoor volume
Easy closing
Thermo isolated floor
High visibility yellow canopy 
Durable natural rubber air tubes
Anti drift water ballast
Interior / exterior lighting system 
Interior and exterior lifelines 
Rainwater collector
Breathable waterproof fabric 
Inflation between -15ºC and +65ºC 
12 years warranty
3 years inspection interval*

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