HERO YACHT (Throw Over Board liferaft)

Liferaft mainly used for yachts and mega yachts (from 24 meters / 80 foots) in all navigations (worldwide).

HERO YACHT are used for all major flag yachts.
Emergency pack in accordance with the SOLAS A or B (Ships Wheel)
Vacuum sealed
Packaging: Stored in fiberglass container, round or “low profile” rectangular.
Maximum stowage height: up to 36 meters
Capacity: 6 to 16 passengers.
In accordance with the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and European Council
Directive 96/98 for Marine equipment (MED).
MED Approved by DNV/GL according to international standards.

All inclusive service

Increase safety and reduce costs
HERO offers all-inclusive service plans that cover service and spare parts for your liferaft at
reduced fixed annual rate.
Liferaft service: Every year

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