Ideal for getting multiple people to safety in a marine emergency

Liferaft mainly used for commercial and passenger vessels in coastal or inland waters.
HERO OPEN REVERSIBLE rafts are used to protect users in coastal navigation conditions for a short period of time before rescue arrives.
MED Approved by DNV/GL for a HSC category.
In accordance with the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code ,European Council Directive 96/98 for Marine equipment (MED) and HSC code.

The Emergency pack is in accordance with HSC Code (HIGH SPEED CRAFT).
Capacity: 06 to 152 passengers.
Packaging: Round or Low Profile container.

Quick and easy boarding

The liferaft is an open platform fully reversible.
It can be used on both sides.
HERO OPEN REVERSIBLE is quickly deployed and easy to board.

All inclusive service

Increase safety and reduce costs.
HERO offers all-inclusive service plans that cover inspections, service and spare parts for your liferaft at reduced fixed annual rate.
An international service station network provides inspection and maintenance service at lower cost.
Service stations have been chosen for their professional skills and effectiveness.

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