ISO9650 Standard

H.E.R.O LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT provides a wide range of high specification liferafts. Leisure ranges have been developed in compliance with the ISO9650 European Regulation. The ISO9650 harmonize and bring the liferaft regulations of all the countries in the European Community into a single standard. Each model has been designed according to precise specifications and a technical file meeting the most stringent requirements. The RINA office is mandated to certify the liferafts. All the materials are studied and chosen because they bring a real protection in front of the elements while creating a zone of comfort inside the raft.


H.E.R.O LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT liferafts are ISO9650-1 and ISO9650-2 M.M.F approved (Marine Marchande Française) by RINA classification society. Some countries in the UE require manufacturers to carry out specific tests and additional equipment’s to approve the rafts in their country. Our R&D department is adapting our model to the specifications of each UE countries always complying with national authorities rules.

RINA certification,RINA classification society, Marine Marchande Française, M.M.F


Our ISO9650 liferafts are made from durable natural rubber. The envelope is composed of a complex assembly of a special designed fabric in between a double rubber coating. The assembly of the envelope “Rubber / Fabric / Rubber” is manufactured by pressing the 3 components by a heat cure process. The technology used for the pressing of the envelope ensures equal thickness and uniformity while retaining the properties of the rubber. Each element of the structure is then assembled by manual bonding, and thus giving a real guarantee for quality and durability.



The structure of the liferaft is manufactured with natural rubber. The use of natural rubber on the entire leisure range is based on the unique strengths and reliability of this material. It offers an exceptional quality of strength, elasticity, cut- and tear resistance. The rubber provides the liferaft with a superior strength to abrasion, while the structure behaves as a protective shell.


HERO engineers have carefully selected the gas inflation system and all components required for the deployment of the liferaft. In order to guarantee maximum reliability, all the equipment necessary to inflate and maintain the liferaft under pressure, are manufactured in Europe by LEAFIELD MARINE ltd:
A6 Pressure relief valve
A8 Inflation / Topping up valve
Gas inlet valve (GIVT type)
Gas inflation system (GIST type)
Marine hoses
Each item is subject to a continuous quality control and monitoring.

LEAFIELD inflation system for liferaft, A6 valve, A8 valve, inlet valve, gist inflation system